What do we do? Strategy, project management and business improvement for a start…

Our services run the spectrum to turn your idea into reality; from exploring options to delivering projects to solving problems; in commercial operations, community organisations and government facilities;  from remote communities to city centres.

delivering large projects and 
establishing complex services requires shrewd strategy, detailed planning and a team that works effectively, together.

Management and advisory:

Strategy and policy
A good strategy sets the foundation to guide all your programs and projects. We can help you develop robust and succinct strategies aligned with sustainable development, policy frameworks and measurable actions to make sure you deliver the right outcomes for your customers and stakeholders. We consult with stakeholders, run workshops, review the data, look at contextual material and identify industry best practice.
Systems improvement
Operational systems, business systems, production systems, asset management systems, sustainable systems... Systems and processes are the core of service delivery and if poorly designed can lead to compliance, operational and efficiency issues. We can map systems and processes, identify weaknesses, develop improvement plans, trouble shoot problems and find ways to help your people and systems be more effective and efficient.
Project management frameworks
Strong and sustainable project management systems are essential in organisations, whether you are managing programs, multiple small projects or a larger, one off job. We can help you tune up your existing systems or scope requirements before you invest in new tools, choose a project management methodology or buy a platform. We can coach and mentor your project managers, manage change and provide support to embed good practice across the organisation. We can find simple solutions or build templates to suit your needs.
Review and assurance
We can conduct an external review of your business case or project, using your management systems or a government gateway review template, at every stage of the project from strategic assessment through readiness to go to market, to benefits realisation. Our team includes trained Gateway Reviewers registered with most of the Australian state governments and New Zealand.
Data analysis
The smart and resourceful use of data is essential for pretty much every facet of running an organisation. Business planning, budget management, service design, business cases, investment decisions, project planning can all benefit. We can review your current data systems, scope your data needs and help develop a data strategy and improvement plan, for the whole organisation or for a specific project.
Workshops and consultation
We specialise in planning and managing stakeholder engagement for strategy development, business cases and projects, whether it be surveys, issues papers, interviews or workshops. A stakeholder workshop is one of the most effective ways to get a group of people together to explore complex issues and create solutions. While technology is delivering some really clever ways to extract and aggregate ideas from big groups or even entire communities; workshops are ideal for smaller groups of people to work together in an active and dynamic setting where ideas can be challenged, evolved and ultimately, resolved.

Shaping investments:

Project initiation and business cases
Every organisation knows the struggle of endless things to do and not enough budget. Business cases provide sound analysis and compelling evidence to inform and support robust and sustainable investment decisions. Issues and drivers must be clearly articulated, there must be a direct and strong link to organisational objectives, the decision rationale must be clear and transparent, and the plan for implementation must inspire confidence that it can be done. Resonance can help you craft a compelling business case and help take your stakeholders on a journey from idea or problem, to scoping and investigation, to final business case for consideration by your executive or board.

Project and program delivery:

Project planning
Delivering large complex projects requires shrewd strategy, detailed planning and a team that works effectively together, with sustainability in mind. We understand that well defined objectives and scope, clear governance, careful scheduling, and stakeholder management are critical in setting up a project for success. We can either plan the project for you, run planning workshops, or work with your team in an advisory or review function.
Project procurement
A procurement plan is a necessary component of any project requiring purchase of goods or services. We work with our clients to plan sustainable procurement, develop specifications and assessment criteria, run procurement processes and get contracts in place. We can also assist with templates for all these steps. Our team has extensive experience managing tenders and contracts in both the public and private sector.
Project and program management
There are many reasons why organisations outsource project management. A common reason is the need to focus time and resources to get a critical project done, with a dedicated project or construction manager who will devote the necessary attention to project fundamentals: time, quality, scope and budget. We can either lead the project management or work with your team in an advisory or review function.
Project rescue
Sometimes projects get off track. Supplier relationships, team dynamics, political or stakeholder issues, budget and time overruns can quickly undo the very best efforts of the project manager and team. If you are a project sponsor, and the reports you are receiving (or your gut feeling) tell you things are not going as well as they should, we can work with you and the team to get the project back on track. We work with project sponsors, managers and teams to run project health checks and diagnostics, identify the root cause of issues, develop solutions and help get the project operating smoothly again.
Change management
Change management is all about ensuring organisations are ready for a transformation. We’re there to manage the change through activities such as consultation, capability development, training and engagement; ensuring the expectations of key stakeholders are met; and making sure the change is embedded and sustained. A good change agent listens, builds networks and connections, shares information and facilitates inclusion. Our team has high-level leadership, change management, facilitation and people skills and will take the time to understand your culture and take your people on the journey.
Benefits realisation management
Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) measures how an investment or project can add value to your company and future objectives. BRM informs investment decisions and establishes plans to realise intended benefits. We help identify, plan, manage and evaluate the intended benefits of an investment. Best practice principles, processes and techniques help stakeholders articulate why an investment is needed, the strategic outcomes, measurable benefits, when the benefits will be realised and who owns them. Talk to us about benefits management strategy, planning and implementation.
Project commissioning and handover
A critical stage of infrastructure and construction projects is commissioning; making sure all systems and components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and can be maintained according to the requirements of the owner. Commissioning integrates engineering techniques and procedures to inspect and test every component from functions and equipment to complex systems. Our team have civil and mechanical project engineering skills and extensive experience commissioning a range of critical infrastructure and construction projects. We can also assist with post-handover tasks such as operating and maintenance systems and planning.
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