Climate change strategy and business cases

Westernport Water‘s Climate Change Strategy 2017-23 sets out a direction for action on climate change, including a target to reduce emissions by 8% by 2023, mainly through installation of solar power at specific sites and improvements to treatment processes.

As a water business Westernport Water’s performance is directly linked to the climate. Water businesses rely on rainfall in their catchments to fill supply dams. Warmer weather means higher water consumption and this places additional strain on treatment plants, pump stations and pipes. During intense rainfall events storm water gets into the sewer network and can sometimes result in overflows to drains, rivers and streams.

Resonance worked with Westernport Water to develop a climate change strategy and help them become climate change ready. The strategy provided context and direction for future work to reduce Westernport Water’s greenhouse gas footprint and change the way they work to adapt to the physical impacts of climate change. Resonance subsequently assisted Westernport Water to progress critical projects by preparing a series of business cases.

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