We have specialised experience and expertise in education, health, community, energy and water and sewerage sectors.

Programs, services and facilities must be carefully planned
Access to clean drinking water and toilets is a basic human right. Water and sewerage systems are critical to the community and include storage, water and waste treatment plants, pipelines and metering systems. Water utilities and businesses invest significant funds and face challenges maintaining and improving the assets, responding to faults, predicting demand and enabling new connections. Resonance has significant experience working with clients in the water business and understands the strategic, organisational, cultural and regulatory environment of the sector.
At Resonance, we hear you loud and clear.

infrastructure and services must be carefully planned and
managed to support communities and economies

Water supply upgrade
The people of Grassy and Currie on King Island now have access to some of the best drinking water in Tasmania thanks to the recently commissioned King Island Water Treatment Plant and 26Km transfer Pipeline. The new King Island Water Treatment Plant (WTP) runs between the townships of  Grassy and Currie providing their population with water. […]
Climate change strategy and business cases
Westernport Water‘s Climate Change Strategy 2017-23 sets out a direction for action on climate change, including a target to reduce emissions by 8% by 2023, mainly through installation of solar power at specific sites and improvements to treatment processes. As a water business Westernport Water’s performance is directly linked to the climate. Water businesses rely on […]
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